about tinkerdbrains

tinkerdbrains is an independent publication launched in December 2022 by beep, who is deeply passionate about mental illness and health as part of the human condition. Also, dogs.

What you'll find here: possibly insane (true) stories to make people feel less alone. Common topics: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, c-ptsd, adhd, other letters, adulting, etc.

Upcoming: my experience with TMS treatments for depression.

Planning: more journalistic style posts on common misconceptions surrounding mental illness and its various treatments.


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I use Ghost because it's open source, has tons of customization features, fair prices, and doesn't promote writers who are terrible people. Granted, that's because they don't promote anyone, but still. You may find things that are highly questionable and even downright nuts on their site, but you won't find those (or any) publications being paid by the corporation. Yes, I'm throwing shade at substack.